Lazy Skincare Routine That Works Like A Charm

Each one of us wants to look gorgeous and all, but let’s face it, there are times when we not only do not need to look fully beautiful, but we also do not feel like looking so. It may be because of the grey weather, or a bad day at work, or even because you just don’t feel very well, and that’s totally fine. We all go through those lazier days, and if today is one of those days for you, then n it’s time to cheer up and start taking some short notes, because that’s how long it’s going to take. After all, there are many ways to look beautiful, or a better way to put it: Bring out the true beauty that you already have, even with efforts that might sound insanely minimal! Moreover, these kinds of routines are also perfect if you’re traveling, something that we often do now during Christmas season, so here we go!

1. Always stay loyal to your cleanser: When it comes to proper skincare routines, cleansers are simply inevitable. There is no better way to start these routines, no matter how extended or frequent they are, because they help your other skin care products applied later penetrate in the right way into the skin. In addition to getting rid of dead skin cells, dirt, and other kinds of unwanted debris that might come either out of skin surface or the surroundings, a well formulated facial cleanser can also prime your skin for a lazy skincare routine, acne. Eventually, you will reveal a fresh layer of skin for a more natural glow, as well as stimulate blood circulation. Whether they’re gel cleansers, foam cleansers or cream cleansers, it matters not. When you’re done, pat it dry.

2. Never skip moisturising your face: A few moments after cleansing your face, the next step of this lazy routine is grabbing your moisturiser and showing its true potential. It might sound useless and kind of annoying but trust us, moisturising your face is way more important than you think, even if your face skin is oily, because it actually aids regulate oil production. At the same time, it also prevents dryness, it soothes sensitive skins, and of course, it slows down the aging signs remarkably. Make sure you apply it gently, using upward strokes, and no matter what, you shouldn’t ever press or pull on your skin. If you’re going for a light makeup, apply moisturiser first.

3. Sun protection? No single doubt: As we’ve already said in our previous blogs, whether it’s the hottest summer day, skin protection from sun ultraviolet rays is crucial. The daily dose of vitamin D is a must, and you shouldn’t be afraid to absorb it! You will not only reduce the appearance of aging signs and sunspots, but you will also avoid the risk of skin cancer and broken blood vessels. Additionally, the essential skin proteins, like collagen, elastic and keratin are also protected by sunscreen, proteins required to keep the skin healthy and smooth.

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