The Prefect Spring Skincare Duo For Every Skin Type

Skincare is much more than just one of the steps of your daily beauty routine, it’s a chance to treat your skin properly with products that nourish and hydrate it. During the winter months, our skin goes through a lot. Not only does the drop in temperature wreak havoc on our skin’s hydration levels, but relying on dry central heating also breaks down our skin’s essential moisture barrier. Result? Dry, itchy and sensitive skin. With brighter mornings and brighter days that are gradually coming upon us, there’s no better time to invest in brightening products to freshen up your beauty routine and wake up your skin for the much anticipated season of spring. We invite to enter a powerful skincare duo from Imagine Beauty’s sensational product line, to be released really soon. Whether you’re looking to brighten or smooth skin, our collection has a dynamic duo to suit every skin type. Give your bathroom cabinet a spring clean and complete your skincare routine with these heroes that will brighten… Now then, are you all ready to discover your spring skin duo? Here we go!

1. Imagine Beauty Day Cream

Hydration And Protection: Facial skin is thinner than the rest of the skin on your body, making it fragile and sensitive. In addition, every day it is exposed to external influences (polluted air, UV radiation, temperature changes, etc.), which damage its radiance and accelerate the aging process of the skin. The result: the skin dries out faster and loses its elasticity. The main function of the day cream is hydration. This product will retain water in the skin and give your skin a softer and smoother appearance. Using a day cream hydrates and nourishes your skin to prevent feelings of tension and discomfort. Day creams provide a real protective shield against external aggression and protect your skin from attacks on its hydrolipidic layer.

Blood Circulation Improvement and Anti-Aging Properties: Our body has blood cells everywhere and it is very necessary for blood to flow to our organs and skin as well. Blood flows to the skin cells and looks youthful. The moisturizing day cream keeps the blood circulation regular and the skin looks visibly attractive. It even relieves any facial muscle pain. Skin care and a good cream massage do not only help circulation, but they also reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging. This is a bit more complicated though, and it requires a lot of time and patience to see any results. Apply the cream daily or alternately depending on your skin type. The aging process would surely slow down if you follow this routine religiously.


Goodbye Skin Marks: Unpleasant skin blemishes and blemishes like acne scars, red spots, pigmentation and dark eye circles can get in the way of achieving flawless skin and can really bring you down. If nothing seems to be working on those stubborn blemishes, try our facial serum with skin-lightening ingredients like Shea butter, plant concentrates, vitamins and more to treat your scars and blemishes and unlock brighter, more beautiful skin. Facial serums help repair and regenerate cells, healing scars and reducing blemishes faster than other skin care products, leaving your skin looking healthy and flawless from the inside out.

Pore Minimiser: Oily skin has large, visible pores that are really annoying. You can use a face serum to shrink pores. Facial serums help shrink pores and increase cell turnover, which further minimizes large pores. Thanks to the antioxidants and exfoliating acids they contain, they also help loosen and clear dirt and oil from pores. This helps reduce the formation of blackheads and whiteheads on the skin. Some face serums also contain vitamin C, which acts as an astringent and tightens visible pores. Since face serums are light, liquid skin care products, they don’t clog pores and remove impurities and deep-seated impurities. While thick creams and gels clog pores and are heavier on the skin, skin serums are much lighter and absorb quickly. This is why we highly recommend to use both, they are the perfect team!!

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